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"Animals Do Speak, But The Question Is” - Can We Hear Them?”

Every living species matters. This project is based on the beautiful concept that helps us to reach the species who cannot reach us. Our aim is to reach the right place, at the right time and save lives. We feed abandoned animals, provide medical facility

Free Vaccination to Jagga & Titli
21st April 2024

20 Camel identified & fed (Sohna Rd.)
April- May 2020

7 pups taken care & adopted
Gurgaon- Sohna Road

28 Dogs Daily feeding (April- Sep 2020)
Shooting Range Tughalkabad

Free Vaccination Camp Kalkaji
3rd May 2020 (Any stray spotted)

Daily feedings to birds, crows & pigeons.
May- Sep 2020(7 places in Delhi & UP)

3 kittens spotted in delhi & adopted
July 2020

Animal Drive Weekly Campaigns

600 kg Fodder distribution everyday
Aravali Hills, Faridabad May- June 2020

2 Neelgai (Blue Bull) fed for a month
April 2020

197 Stray Dogs are fed everyday
Sector 21 A,B,C,D & 46 Faridabad

500 Kg Vegitables & Fodder Mix
July- Sep 2020

Random Activities
Faridabad- Delhi Suburbs

Lodhi Colony Campaign
May 2020

Feeding Wilds Campaign
May 2020

Monkey Feed Drive
Sohna Road- 21st June 2020

Cattle Feeding Campaign
June- Oct 2020

School Campaign (34 students)

Love for Abandoned, Karnal
July 2020

30 Cows identified & fed ( Jhajjar.)
January- February 2021

12 pups were fostered
Greater Noida

1 Dog Daily feeding (Feb-April 2021)

11 abandoned cattle were rescued
from butchery

Daily feedings to cows
(4 places in Rajasthan)

2 Puppies spotted at karnal bypass
& adopted ( July 2021)

Vaccination camp
Alwar Rajasthan

Fodder campaign
Palwal 2021

Fodder campaign
Palwal 2021

11 abandoned cattle were rescued
from butchery

Feeding abandoned

Medical Help

Hathi Gaun Campaign
July 2021

Random Food Drive
May 2021

Cattle Feed Drive
Dehradun- July 2021

Random Drive Campaign
August 2021

Feeding Local Dogs
New Delhi

Daily Meal Drive

"Every single penny makes a difference"