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Our Logo Story

Charity starts within …

Anything Will Do supports all activities that reflect and justify its name hence the logo has been created taking future operational possibilities into consideration. Multiple colours used in logo represent different variants; White colour is a representation of holding hands signifies the preservation     of positivity and reflects our mission and vision. 

Coloured petals represent various emotions like Blue is for calmness, empathy and tranquillity; Green represents freshness, productivity and willingness to help others; Red conveys love and emotion for the underprivileged; Yellow stands for happiness and positive energy; Dark Blue is an indication of the integrity of our organisation; Purple shows our respect towards spirituality; Orange is for uplifting and encouragement.


Our logo signifies the importance of seeking a bond of unity and harmony of people working towards a common goal, while keeping their individuality and uniqueness intact. As very keen to have a logo justifies its name. We created a logo keeping our current & future possibilities in area of its operations in mind. White coloured shapes are helping hand which is holding on to life with positivity. Blue colour is for tranquillity and calmness. Green for freshness & fertility red for love & emotion. Yellow for happiness and energy.
Dark blue magenta It symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth, and heaven. Purple is the colour of spirituality. Orange stands for encouragement. Our logo is a significance of a bonding towards unity & harmony besides its variations & individual uniqueness.


Thank you Agencyeleven100 for creating such a beautiful logo for us.