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Under this project our highly skilled professional volunteers with expertise in various backgrounds and from different parts of the world, are contributing by imparting knowledge remotely through online sessions and workshops to help individuals who are facing professional challenges to upgrade their skills.

Storytelling For Project Educate Center Online Class

10 December 2022

Media And Entertainment Class By Riya Arora
03 December 2022

Major Samar Toor(Retired)
Motivator for children attending Project Educate Center Online Class

10 September 2022

Fund Raising Request by Jatin Sarna
25 August 2022

ART DIY by Divya Singh Devgan
23 June 2020

Live Yoga on International Yoga Day with Nidhi
21 June 2020

Meet The Man behind fitness of Indian cricket team
“Manoj Kumar”
21 June 2020

Live performance with Shivangi Sharma
19 June 2020

Dilli Gharana Live with
Vusat Iqbal Khan
17 June 2020

Live music with Abhideep Singh
6 June 2020

Live Q&A session on health & weight by
Dr. Shweta Diwan
3 June 2020

It's 31st By Dinero Ash
31 May 2020

Live Music with Harpreet
30 May 2020

Live with Sumitra Iyer “Singer &
Lactation Consultant”

29 May 2020

Live Q&A on Covid19 with
Dr. Nilay Nirupam
29 May 2020

Live session on Mental Well Being
During & Post COVID19
by Arouba Kabir Pathan
28 May 2020

DJ Rinaa Live
20 May 2020

Shibani Kashyap Live
17 May 2020

"Who will crumble who will thrive?"
by Vandana Vadehra
13 May 2020

"Transform Your Life"
by Deepali Narula
11 May 2020

Bhangra Tutorial
by Ashmeet Singh
10 May 2020

by Tunvey Gogia
6 May 2020

by Punita Nagpal
4 May 2020

An evening of melodious music
by narayana's
6 May 2020

"Thinking about Thinking"
by Rahi Kachole
3 May 2020

Bhangra Tutorial by Ashmeet Singh
1 May 2020

How to speak on camera
by Richa Khandelwal
30 April 2020

Live session workout at home
@ lockdown
by Mr. Akhil & Kapil

Smokey eye makeup
by Shikha Oberoi Karlal
28 April 2020

Unknown facts about insurance
by Mr. Ajay Singhal
28 April 2020

LIVE comedy
by Raja Rancho
26 April 2020

Online DJ Night
by Dj Tarandeep
25 April 2020

Fact vs Myth - Covid19
by Dr. Kanika Monga
25 April 2020
Live from USA

Business Valuation
by Mr. Dinesh Kaushal
24 April 2020

Art Within
by Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi
22 March 2020

Sky is the limit
by Madhu Kapoor (ALT)
21 April 2020

Financial Freedom
by Mr. Krishan Mangawa
20 April 2020

Virtual Yoga Session
by Nidhi Bisht
18 April 2020

Live Counseling
with Dr. Prerna Kohli
13 April 2020

with Harry Sandhu
7 April 2020

"Every single penny makes a difference"