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When Anythingwilldo ( AWDORG ) learned that a 2-year-old child has been infected with covid, and his condition was very bad.
We started spreading the word and with the help of donors, Chitransh Pandey is now out of danger and is in good health. His hospital bill was taken care. AWDORG is ready to help all those people, who do not get help from anywhere.


A school for special children offers Education, Parents Counseling, vocational training they approached us for a water dispenser to be installed in the school.

Thank you Navbis Ahluwalia. for taking the initiative and fulfill the demands.

Thank you Mr. Narendra Kumar for your Donation to these Students. #awdorg #anythingwilldofoundation #foundation #projecteducate


Anything Will Do it trying to help Pradeep Kumar, who needs help for his cancer treatment. You can make a direct payment to him or get him treated. He is reachable on +91 7011154429 or donate us to help him in treatment


Story of Class 9 student, Sagar Pundhir


Kanchan and Anil were really happily married and satisfied in their small world, until Kanchan had fallen ill once and visited a path lab for blood test and was tested +ve of HIV test. Today, the family is in a bad situation. No one gives them job, kids don’t go to school because parents can’t afford their fee and no appropriate food. They need immediate help, you can reachout to them directly on +91 96502 40268 or donate us for securing their future.


Art comes to those who have a good heart. It takes a lot for an artist to remain a good artist throughout life. Mahjabeen Bano is one spacially abled artist who faced a lot of challenges during lockdown due to the covid19 pandemic. She doesn’t need donations or any sort of financial help. She is a dignified artist who is requesting everyone to buy her work. Anything Will Do (AWDORG Foundation) is striving to help this artist and requesting everyone to help her.

"Every single penny makes a difference"