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"Use Your Networking in Favour of Mankind”

Our volunteers are using their resources and networking to provide employment to people post lockdown so that there are able to earn a living once again. Under this multi level process we not only help to provide jobs but also with prepare and recommend candidates for job interviews.

PROJECTemploy is working towards women empowerment and currently engaging women karigars to make shopping bags out of used bed sheets under “Ek Chaadar Meri Bhi” desk.


How this works:

Step 1
You donate the legitimate bedsheet.
Step 2
It is then taken for sanitization, washing and cleaning.
Step 3
The unprivileged but trained women tailors collect these bedsheets and make shopping bags.
Step 4
The shopping bags are given free of cost to police, grocery stores, departmental stores, shopping malls and other establishments during campaigns.
Step 5
The unprivileged women and their family are supported financial by Anythingwilldo and its donors.

310 Women kaarigars are working on this project, over 3500 bags being distributed free.

We install these donation boxes at public common areas. we pick these boxes or empty them as it gets full. Sometime our volunteers or supporters send these bedsheets or boxes to us.
By now we have recieved over 1000 bed sheets from donors accross the globe.
Women who knew or want to learn stitching are taught. Bed sheets are sent to them. After trail they are well trained kaarigar to make shopping bags which we buy back.
Anything Will Do is trying to create employment for women of India & making women more empowered.
These shopping bags are sterilized and packed properly. Available online on

"Every single penny makes a difference"