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"Education is the Way Forward”

Each one teaches one. This is an initiative that strongly believes that age is not a limit for those who are willing to teach or learn. Each one of us can educate so many around us; we can either teach children or help them get an education.


Akash is preparing for UPSC he wants to become an IAS and couldn't afford his fee for preparation through a private institute. Anything Will Do (AWDORG Foundation) did its best to assure that nothing comes in between his studies.

Vansh Sehrawat

Vansh Sehrawat is a brilliant child and currently studying in 7th standard. His father is an auto driver and couldn’t afford a new laptop or computer for studies during lockdown. Thanksgiving to Sunny Goel who donated his good condition running laptop.

Sagar Pundhir

Sagar Pundhir, a 9th standard student in Delhi whose father couldn’t pay his fee for entire year approached us. In less than 2 days Sagar’s entire fee was paid. Sagar is now in 10th standard and studying very hard. Gratitude to our donors.

Water Dispensers to Special Children Schools

Few schools with special needs were helped during lockdown and the aid is still on for them. One of the school in Faridabad was helped with water dispenser.

"Every single penny makes a difference"