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"Our Promise to a Child to Have a Day - Milky Way”

Children are the future of any country and in India we care for them, we ensured that ½ litre milk per child per poor household was provided to children up to 5 years of age during Lockdown. Our volunteers used to get a monthly milk card made at the nearest milk booth and advance payment was made for the entire month.

Dry milk powder packs are substituted for fresh milk for families living in remote areas where there is no milk booth close by. PROJECTmilkyway is still an ongoing project for clusters in various areas.

Step 1: We identify kids in needy families
Step 2: We send them to nearest milk shop

Step 3: We request Milk shop owner to maintain a record for daily supply to kid

Step 4: we make a pre payment for falling month in advance.

Step 5: Mother gets 1/2 litre milk per child from booth everyday.

"Our Drive for providing free milk to kids & pregnant ladies has benefited 700 individuals. ”

"Every single penny makes a difference"