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"Health is Wealth”

This project was initiated to create awareness and distribute basic hygiene supplies during COVID-19 lockdown 1, that took a major overturn in Lockdown 2 where we helped saving at least 600 lives of the people suffering from Covid19 with oxygen, oxygen cylinders, concentrators, medicines, plasma, blood, platelets & ambulance services.
With the help of volunteers all across the globe, we were able to provide 24x7 help during lockdown. We are continuously counselling people even now about the importance of clean surroundings and basic personal hygiene. This project was initially built for helping the marching migrants with sanitary pads, face masks, sanitizers & basic medical help. During lockdown 1 we were able to help over 20,000 migrants on Delhi NCR highways.

PROJECTlife is even more active post covid and we are eger to even serve better, afterall; every life matters!

Step 1: Sanitary Pads Distribution

Step 2: Face Mask Distribution

Step 3: Sanitization of affected public 


Step 4: Migrants sent back to their native places with dignity.

Step 5: Spread a request for Plasma donors & coordination 

The most valuable asset of Anything Will Do is the smile of those who were helped.

"Every single penny makes a difference"