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"Animals Do Speak, But The Question Is - Can We Hear Them?”

Many stray dogs and other animals have been fed and their emergency medical needs taken care of under this project. We carry hygienic food and clean water for these animals and drive around the city to feed them. We place earthen bowls filled with water for these animals on the streets.
We have collaborated with FMCG companies for providing grinded material like biscuit crumbs which are left behind in excess during packaging. We pick up the same from the factories and mix it with milk or curd and feed the animals. Large number of packets of bread is also used as food for the animals on a daily basis. We run vaccinations & medical camps for strays regularly.

If you spot a stray who needs help, please bring it to our knowledge at PROJECTfeedme desk.

Step 1: Random help to anyone in need 

Step 2: Procured 2000 utensils for water

& placed them

Step 3: Tied up food companies to provide bread items on daily bases.
Step 4: Prepare food for them
Step 5: 24×7 emergency rescue work & vaccines for stray

11000 Stray dogs/animal were fed daily twice, now over 250 are taken care everyday.

"Every single penny makes a difference"