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"Education is the Way Forward”

We believe there is no age limit for teaching or learning. Each one of us can educate so many people around us. Learning isn’t restricted only to educational institutions; we can start wherever we are just with the willingness to impart knowledge. Volunteers help with educational supplies, school admissions and fees or help with studies. This initiative is not only for school & college students but also for adult education. Currently, we are setting up Computer Learning Centre (CLC ) in schools of Uttrakhand and other states with a line up volunteer teachers who conduct free online classes to underprivileged children.

Under PROJECTeducate we are looking forward to having more CLC in remote areas of India.

Roadshala are being set up at any feasible spot to give instant education on flexible schedule.

Step 1: Identify children in EWS section

Step 2: Convince parents to make them study

Step 3: Get their admission in any school

Step 4: Alternatively send them 

to Roadshala TM Schools

Step 5: Help them  to study in

whichever way possible.

"Every single penny makes a difference"