Education is the Way Forward

Learning is a continuous process that is never ending; we are constantly learning from or teaching people around us.

PROJECTeducate is about everyone making an effort to educate and teach others. You don’t have to be a teacher or an owner of a school to teach, you can volunteer to teach the underprivileged children in or around your society or in one of the locations suggested by us.

You can contribute by helping an under privileged child get admission in a school under the EWS scheme. This project covers help with admission paper work, homework, projects, buying books or uniform for children or paying partial fees or even sponsoring someone’s yearly education.

It also includes volunteering to teach older people in a Praudh Shiksha Kendra in/or close to your home.

Padhega India toh badega India , we are much focused to help shape the country’s future by teaching children, youth and even older people.

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