“Our Dream - No One Sleeps Hungry

We have initiated #PROJECTration for people who can’t even afford a single meal. Through this project we provide dry ration or cooked meals to the deprived families. Our aspiration is that no one sleeps hungry.



“Our Promise to a Child to Have a Day- Milky Way

Babies are the most precious gift of mankind. Milk is extremely essential for every infant and we make sure to reach the families that can’t afford milk for their babies. We provide them milk on a daily basis, and will continue to do so till the time the baby needs it



“Animals Do Speak, But The Question Is Can We Hear Them?

This project is based on a beautiful concept that helps us to reach the species who cannot reach us. We aim to reach the right place, at the right time and save lives. We feed the abandoned animals, provide medical facility to them and also make sure that we are there when they need us.



“Health is Wealth

#AnythingWillDo creates a seamless platform in which our volunteers visit people and provide them with basic hygiene related necessities like handwash, sanitizers and face masks. Due to the lockdown some females do not have access to basic personal hygiene products like sanitary pads.



“Your Skills Can Change Someone’s Life

#AnythingWillDo creates a seamless platform which provides an opportunity to those who want to educate as well as those who want to learn. You can be a catalyst to bring a significant change in our society by imparting your skills to someone who can earn a livelihood from the same.



Education is the Way Forward

PROJECTeducate is an initiative which believes that there is no age limit for teaching or learning. Each one of us can educate so many people around us. Learning isn’t restricted only to educational institutions; we can start wherever we are just with the willingness to impart knowledge.



Bridging the Gap between Problem and Solution

PROJECTelevate is a one stop solution for all issues related to any sort of paperwork that is required post lockdown. Our volunteers are working round the clock to help people resettle in the new normal environment by clearing all obstacles related to administrative matters.



Use Your Networking in Favour of Mankind

PROJECTemploy has volunteers who are using their resources & networking to provide employment to people so that there are able to earn a living once again. This is a multi level process & we are helping not only by providing jobs at but also with recommendations & preparation for job interviews.